Holy Week Staycation!

I recently went to Pico De Loro for summer vacation. I stayed in Pico Sands Hotel and ofcourse I will blog about my stay.

Pico De Loro is in Nasugbu Batangas where most beautiful beaches are located. Nasugbu is known for beaches, food and other activities. If you are into staycation and wanted a quiet and relaxing time away from the city then this is your best place. It is actually surrounded by mountains!

We drove 3 hours from Candelaria, Quezon and since our check-in in our hotel is 2pm we had our lunch in Kainan sa Dalampasigan also in Nasugbu. It’s actually hard to find a good place to eat after Lipa City. If you are into fastfoods like Mcdonalds, Jollibee, KFC you can find it easily but since we went when most people are also going on a vacation its hard to get a seat especially when you are travelling with family.

We googled Kainan sa Dalampasigan but actually didn’t find it where it should be or maybe the navigation isn’t updated (We relied in google and google map in this trip). Almost giving up in finding it we didn’t expected another town so we asked the traffic enforcer where it is and found it after 5-10 minutes.

Going inside Kainan sa Dalampasigan, its like a different place. It has this calming feeling surrounded by trees and man-made falls, you can also go karting! Its not just a restaurant so its good. Foods are delicious, it is worth your money and place is instagram worthy.   Its a nice place to stop by and rest after a long drive. Maybe it is really for travelers? hahaha! Seeing 4.5 stars rating is pretty decent in my opinion.

Kainan sa Dalampasigan


I think after an hour or so and we are already at the entrance of Hamilo Coast. You have to check in to the guard and go on for 10-30 minutes drive to get to Pico De Loro. Its a Luxurious Resort Village and one of them is Pico Sands Hotel.

As soon as we arrive we were greeted by friendly and accommodating staffs. We got to check-in by 3:30 PM. They gave us a wristband to know we are guests and a map of the whole Pico de Loro. The main lobby has this modern interior but nonetheless gave us a relaxing feeling. People coming in and out even with just their beach outfits and summer clothes.

Me and my cousin checked in to a deluxe room, one queen sized bed with balcony and mountain view. Free buffet breakfast, shuttle services and gym. Basic amenities, towels for swimming and another set for shower.


We first ride the shuttle which is accessible 6am -10pm. It is the basic mode of transport from beach, the hotel, the Country Club even to chapel, don’t worry because they come in every few minutes. We first went to the Pico Beach (6am – 6PM) and since its Holy Saturday there’s tons of people swimming. Apparently only one food place for the guests but there’s live band that afternoon till dinner. We asked if we can reserve a table for dinner but it’s already full. Other food place are exclusive for members. We took the ride again to look around and went back to the Hotel.

From the Hotel we looked around the pool area also where the Country Club is. Country Club has all the indoor activities, Music room (KTV) , Gaming room and clinic that has nurse 24/7. There’s room for kids and you can play board games too. Of course accessing it has corresponding price which you can charge to your room or pay it via debit/credit card. There’s Lagoa, the Country Club restaurant and at 2nd floor you can find the Grab and Go, a small convenience store which don’t accept money, either charge it in your room or debit/credit card.

We decided to eat in Pico Restaurant which is just at the ground floor of Pico Sands Hotel. Food is good. That night the menu is filipino food. Across the Restaurant is the Pico Bar, near the elevator is the Spa and a Kultura where you can shop for souvenirs. At night there’s security who roam around the village, also there’s always staffs at the reception and guards so you can say it is safe.17974898_120300003211388383_894147088_n.jpg

The next day we woke up 7:30 am for breakfast buffet (6am – 10am) . Soups, congee, fruits, bacon, longganisa, egg, breads, also taho to name a few. We were told that the breakfast food in Pico Restaurant is the same in Lagoa. Everything tastes good and oh of course coffee. It is Easter Sunday that time so we have to attend mass at 11am. Maybe because they know there’s many people going to hear the mass so they decided to change the location from the Chapel to the Country Club’s Ballroom. After mass we ate had our lunch in Lagoa. Then at 4:00 we went to the beach to swim. Swimming at Pico Beach you can feel that you are close to nature as 4 to 5 (i think) mountains surrounds you. The water and the sand is clean you can actually see fishes! There are some water activities you can do and beach volleyball.  I also tried their swimming pool (opens 6am – 10pm) when we head back to the hotel. Both have lifeguards on duty so its pretty nice. Then we had our dinner in Lagoa again.


Swimming Pool 


Pico Beach


The next morning another free breakfast buffet and again, you name it.

Breakfast Buffet


If you like those quiet and serene places, also staycation then Pico De Loro is worth your money, but if you are looking for parties or other things to do I think you will have to double check first because I don’t think they have parties in there. Also if you are not into those sports they offer then I think you will get bored. To sum it up its a relaxing weekend for me. 🙂

Image result for pico de loro


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